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Winter/Spring 2009

If you have an ECONO-CREASE or ROTO-CREASE, please check this page periodically for late information and for sale specials on parts and accessories for your machine.

State of the industry and Econo-Crease:

Due to my specialized background since the1978 introduction of Roto-Crease, I became one of the top scoring experts in the printing and finishing industries. For seven years I held back from any critisizm about the competing score sets called Tri-Creaser, because it was a good product also, and I support my customers' needs to do whatever it takes for specific scoring solutions. If someone calls me and says they have Tri-Creaser, I do not try to switch them to my product because both systems basically do the same function, both produce extremely high quality results, and niether is cheap. If you have one, you usually do not need the other, with some exceptions that I will explain. I do not want customers to be bamboozelled by me or anyone else by telling them to spend more money just to accomplish the same task. However, the Technifold sales force has been hyper-aggressive in recent years in calling our customers claiming their Tri-Creaser $1500 scores do better than our $400 scores. If someone wants to believe that, based only on a salesmans claims and that their price is so much higher so therefore it must be better right?- Then I would say such a one might be lead to make a decision based on almost no real information.

Here are some facts based on 30 years of dozens of installations: Roto-Crease and Econo-Crease score sets and attachments produce a true die-quality score EXACTLY the same or better than a letter press score, AND the SAME basic quality as Tri-Creaser. NEITHER is superior to the other. Both systems have very different advantages and disadvantages that I will explain EXACTLY here and now. In addition to 30 years experience in the field with Roto-Crease and Econo-Crease, I also have years of customer service experience and and dealing with customer feedback from heavy users of Tri-Creaser score sets. I am going to give a full expose of both systems, including the limitations of our Econo-Crease.

Here is the main difference, which has nothing to do with how the score sets are made: Econo-Crease and Roto-Crease are an entire portable assembly that replaces the top fold plates providing a hairline accurate register and flatter delivery of paper. The difference is especially noticable on coverstocks. Our depth adjustment is also vastly superior to the folder slitter shafts. Click here for more details about how Econo-Crease works.

Tri-Creaser score sets go onto the folder slitter shafts like the folder score sets. This has potential for curling problems with heavy coverstock, especially on smaller folding machines such as 20 inch. It also has potential for register problems. These are two simple facts. I doesn't take a rocket scientist to undertand these limitations, since they are usually the same limitations that motivate operators or bindery managers to seek scoring solutions for cracking. Paper curling can cause registration problems. Bumping paper into four or six deflectors can cause registration problems. Any registration problem can cause cracking on coverstock. Most operators and formen are well aware of this fact.

Someone might argue that Tri-Creaser score sets can be purchased and added to Econo-Crease. While this is a true statement, it is certainly not cost effective and is totally redundant. Our simple, $400 solid die scores can eliminate cracking on nearly any kind of exotic, cheap, baked, solid black or blue ink printed cover stock in existence. So there is no practical need or reason to spend about $3000 on two more score sets. During the 1980s and 1990s, I flew all around the country installing Roto-Crease units for customers. In over 50 of those installations, I honestly, truly NEVER found a coverstock that our system did not eliminate ALL cracking. At the same time, it produced PERFECT register almost every time. (Other few times were VERY close to perfect).

Tri-Creaser scores and Econo-Crease score sets both have distinct and different problems regarding how they wear out or can become damaged. I will give honest facts about both, so you can make a better informed decision about which scoring system is best for your operations. The problem Tri-Creaser has- is the rubber or urethane bands (male score rings) wear out sometimes quickly with coverstock, and are rather difficult to change because they fit so tight into the grooves on the score collars. This can vary between two weeks up to two months, and is only dependent on hourly usage. The rings are also very pricey. Econo-Crease solid die (male/female) score sets are super-hard special steel, so are made to last for years without replacing. However, in some shops there is a common problem of misuse, abuse, and dropping. Once an Econo-Crease score is damaged, it cannot be repaired. So this is a genuine concern as well. The cost factor balances out quite well between Tri-Creaser scores and Econo-Crease scores. The cost of replacing damaged solid die Econo-Crease score collars every few years (if damaged), can end up being about the same as the built up yearly cost of replacing the Tri-Creaser rubber rings about once a month. Either one can cost more than the other- it just depends on how your operators tend to use such parts. The main difference is that Econo-Crease die score sets are far more convenient because they generally do not wear out at all. If handled carefully, they will have an average lifespan between 5-25 years, depending on how many shifts and how long are the runs.

These are just the basic operational facts about Tri-Creaser and Econo-Crease. You, the bindery manager or folder operator- are the only ones who can decide which is best for you. I encourage you to ask around and find other users of both systems to find out more facts, so you can make good decisions for your company's bindery operations.


If your Econo-Crease or Roto-Crease is over 10 years old, and isn't doing the job as you remember, it may have worn score sets or need other minor repairs. We have 30 years experience in all kinds of bindery repairs, but of course specialize in helping you maintain your Econo-Crease. In the past, we have charged for the labor, but now for a limited time, we can offer free labor and checking out your older Econo-Crease or Roto-Crease. You only pay for parts needed (we will call you before replacing any parts). To get this done, call now 1-800-569-6562. We provide fast turn-around time, usually 2 day service. Or just ship it direct to us with a note, to:

Ecoco-Crease Repair Offer, 2218 Meredith Ln, Garland, TX 75042 USA

New O-rings are the cheapest and most effective performance boost you can give your scoring attachment. Here are three easy ways you can order new o-rings for your ECONO-CREASE or ROTO-CREASE scoring attachment:

FREE OFFER! If you will email us with your current company information, we will send you four o-rings in the mail. Just give your name, company, address, phone and fax numbers. Also type the words "free o-rings" in the subject line or in your message. You will receive your free o-rings in 1-4 weeks. Limit of one free offer per customer.
If you would like a dozen or more o-rings, you may order eight or more o-rings at the regular price of $3.50 each, and we will include the four free o-rings as well. In other words, buy 8 o-rings and get 4 free additional. (Be sure and mention this.)
If some of your brass-tip set screws are also worn, our mini or standard maintenance kits are a good value. The four free o-rings will also be added if you mention this special offer. Please refer to our Parts and Accessories list for pricing.

Please email one of the above requests to us (you will be glad you did) to:

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